Ryan Flock has been around wine most of his life starting as a teenager working a part time job at a local winery. After working in the industry for several years, Ryan became known as one of the premier winemakers of the Sierra foothills producing many award winning wines. Today, as winemaker for Simply Naked, Ryan is excited to be one of the first winemakers to be creating unoaked wines across several varietals. When asked why he wanted to make a whole line of unoaked wines, Ryan responds "In winemaking it's all about letting the character of the grape shine through. Oak often masks the true characteristics of each varietal but unoaked wines really allow people to taste how a Cabernet Sauvignon grape is supposed to taste, or a Chardonnay grape and so on. And since we can't use oak barrels to manipulate the flavors in the wine, we have to start with the best quality fruit and manage the entire process very carefully. It takes a lot of discipline but it's worth it in the end when we have a great tasting wine in the bottle."